VNP-215ERH 100m

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Ventcroft No Burn Platinum Enhanced Performance Red 2 Core & Earth

VNP-215ERH No Burn Platinum Enhanced Performance Red 2 Core & Earth

Enhanced level Fire Cable is now used for most schools, colleges, public buildings or large complex buildings where the very best protection is required. An 'Enhanced' Fire Cable is tested to provide a guaranteed 2 hour duration with the cable under Fire and Mechanical Shock conditions with Water applied for the final hour at a temperature of 930 degrees C. NoBurn Plus is BASEC & LPCB approved to meet the 'Enhanced' standard of BS 5839-1 2013 Clause 26.2e, BS 8434 - 2:2003 120 minutes and BS EN 50200 Class PH30, PH60 & PH120. Now also BASEC approved to BS 8519 Category 2.

NoBurn Plus's design adds simple but effective strength and makes NoBurn Plus fire cable the fastest enhanced cable to install and prepare for installation. The outer sheath and foil are adhered so together are removed at the same time, no time consuming multiple sheaths, foils, wraps or mica tapes to remove.

More flexible than most enhanced fire cable, NoBurn Plus stays where you put it - simple and easy to dress and position in conduit or trunking. NoBurn Plus cores are manufactured with multiple twists to provide the highest level of data protection , ideal for long cable runs and analogue addressable fire systems. NoBurn Plus soft skin fire cable provides a cost effective quick to install alternative to MICC cables.

Also suitable for automatic lift doors, air conditioning and computer control where low smoke, fume and zero halogen cable is required.

Main Features
  • Fastest Enhanced Fire Cable to Prepare for Termination
  • Easy to Install and Superb Working Flexibility
  • Up to 12 Twists per metre for Data Protection
  • Full Size CPC (Earth Core)
  • 1.0mm²,1.5mm² & 2.5mm² Conductors
  • Copper / Co-polymer Foil Screen
  • Low Smoke & Zero Halogen
  • Voltage Rating 300v/500v