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15m 3 PIR Dual Tech Grade 3 Non-Overlapping Detector

  • 2 dual element pyroelectric sensors
  • 1 X-band DRO based microwave
  • 15m PIR detection range
  • 1-15m adjustable microwave detection
  • Anti-masking detection 0-1m
  • Adjustable mask detection
  • Separate relay outputs for each detector
  • Selectable EOL (End Of Line) resistors
  • Selectable TMD or Tricover Anti-Blocking Technology
  • Digital Temperature Compensation

The TMD15® is a unique product boasting 2 non-overlapping detectors; a PIR and a Dual Technology in 1 robust housing. Based on Pyronix’ tried and tested patented technologies which has been proven over the last 25 years coupled with innovative features, the TMD15® offers you outstanding detection performance with optimum reliability designed to meet the latest industry regulations.

Patented Anti-Masking Technology

Pyronix’ patented technology offer the ultimate in masking detection. Unlike other detectors on the market, there is mask protection on both the PIR and Microwave. No matter what substance is used to mask; paper, sprays, lacquers, cellotape, cardboard boxes, once the protective microwave anti mask bubble has been breached and either technology masked, the TMD15® will go into a mask condition.

Anti-Blocking Technology

This high security mode provides blocking detection in day mode, ensuring the ultimate protection against accidental or deliberate blocking.


The 2 detectors within the TMD15® are non-overlapping and have separate relay outputs. These outputs signal independently to the control panel and consequently the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) in the event of an activation. The TMD15® enables a cost effective and efficient sequential confirmation system.

EN50131-2-4 / EN50131-1 / PD6662

The TMD15® boasts an Anti-Masking feature, where PIR and Microwave are both Anti-Mask protected. This means that the TMD15® is suitable for use in high risk environments and for use in EN50131-2-4 / EN50131-1 / PD6662 Grade 3 systems.

Foam Gasket Sealed Optics

Forms a sealed area between the sensing element and lens, stopping air flow and insect infestations in the optics, reducing the potential risk of false alarm activations.