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1800M Wi-Fi 6 Dual-band Gigabit Mesh Router

Home Scenarios (Including Villa, Large-sized Apartment, Bungalow), SOHO Office, Small Shop, etc.


Highlight Features:

  • An Unprecedented Wireless Experience with Wi-Fi 6
  • enterprise-grade chip solution
  • Gigabit broadband access
  • Dual-core four-thread CPU
  • Support for hardware NAT
  • Wireless access: dual-band 1800Mbps, Wired access: 5 Gigabit ports, including 1 WAN port and 4 LAN ports
  • Support for 802.11ax protocol
  • Exclusive Reyee Mesh technology for multi-device
  • Support Seamless roaming of Wi-Fi signals
  • 2+2 independent high-performance signal amplifiers(FEM)
  • Take control of your home network at your fingertip with Reyee Cloud




1800M Wi-Fi 6 Dual-band Gigabit Mesh Router

Highlight Features

  • Unprecedented wireless experience with Wi-Fi 6
  • Wi-Fi 6 ultra-high-speed
  • Strong signals received
  • Exclusive Reyee mesh providing full-space-coverage Wi-Fi solution
  • Multi-user support
  • Control of your home network at your fingertips