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High/Low mount Wide angle PIR/Microwave Detector 12m x 120° coverage *10.525 GHz

The QX Infinity (QXI) series is a range of outdoor intrusion detection sensors – PIR and dual-technology - providing 120° wide and 12m (40ft) detection area, for residential and commercial applications. Sleek and compact, QXI Series can be mounted up to 2.7m and can trigger both alarm panel or CCTV systems.

QXI-DT is the hard-wired model with anti-blocking and dual-technology.


  • 12m, 120 degree outdoor PIR with anti-blocking
  • Dual-technology for greater stability, double layered detection and pet tolerant
  • High (2.2-2.7m) mount or low mount (0.8m-1.2m) for pet alley mode
  • SMDA logic and double conductive shielding to minimise nuisance alarms