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Pyronix NANO/SHOCK-WE Slimline Wireless Shock Sensor

The Pyronix NANO/SHOCK-WE is a compact wireless shock sensor that fits out of sight within uPVC window or door frames, or surface mounted with its low profile and pleasing design. With superfast installation and calibration features such as auto-orientation and pin-hole sensitivity setup with LED indication, the NanoShock is a Grade 2 accelerometer device with excellent wireless range and boasts a 2 years battery life. It also features a conformally coated PCB, which ensures the stability and longevity of its electronic components in more changeable environments, for reliable protection.


  • Compact and modern design
  • Simple calibration with LED indication
  • A PCB that’s front and centre
  • Auto-orientation
  • Easy walk test
  • Match the décor
  • Out of sight, security in mind
  • Conformally coated for complete reassurance
  • Compatible with any Enforcer or EURO with a ZEM
  • No wires, no fuss
  • One-Push-To-Learn
  • Signal Strength Indicators