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Wireless outdoor motion detector with a photo camera to verify alarms & photo on demand

PLEASE NOTE: This MotionCam Outdoor will only work with a Hub2 & Hub2+ control panels

Wireless outdoor PIR motion detector supporting photo verification of alarms, Photo on Demand and Photo by Scenario features

  • Up to 15 m detection distance
  • Pet immunity
  • False alarms prevention algorithm
  • Effortless installation and replacement
  • Remote control and setup via the app
  • Anti-masking system
  • Temperature compensation
  • A built-in camera for photo verification
  • Up to 3 years of operation on pre-installed battery
  • Connecting via QR code

Angles and detection range

The detection distance can be adjusted from 3 to 15 meters using the scrollbar on the back panel of the detector. Setting the correct detection range will protect against false alarms.

False alarms prevention

MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) Jeweller features a system of two independent PIR sensors that collect enough data to analyse the threat's reality with the SmartDetect and LISA software algorithms. SmartDetect constantly analyses the thermal diagram from the PIR sensors: the intensity of IR radiation, the size of the thermal spots, movement speed, and other parameters. LISA compares the frequency components of sensors signals — it is a technology that guarantees detector accuracy. When the detector is correctly installed and configured, it does not react to common sources of false alarms and pets under 80 cm tall.

Photo verification

MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) Jeweller is equipped with a built-in camera to show the real situation at the facility. There are three types of photo verification: by alarm, by scenario, and on demand. The user can request and see photos with one click in the Ajax app.

Photo by Alarm
A built-in camera is activated if the detector is armed and motion is detected. Only users with access to the hub event feed and security company employees can view the photos.

Photo by Scenario
A detector camera takes pictures automatically when Ajax fire detectors are triggered

Photo on Demand
The user takes pictures at any time or when a detectors is armed (depending on settings). Photos on demand are not sent to the security company monitoring station

Privacy on demand

Users can manage access rights to detectors with photo verification. The access level can be defined for each system user. Privacy settings determine:

  • Which user can take and view photos on demand
  • Which detectors with photo verification can be used to take photos on demand
  • When the user can take photos on demand: at any moment or only when a detector is armed.

By default, all hub admins have the right to manage privacy settings. PRO users cannot manage privacy settings.

Weatherproof design

MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) Jeweller is ready to operate in various climate zones. The detector is protected from dust and splashes and features a temperature compensation technology, making it effective in any weather conditions. The bundled hood protects masking sensors from rain and snow

Antisabotage protection

The anti-masking system calibrates automatically when mounting the device onto SmartBracket. Then, if an obstacle appears in the field of view of anti-masking sensors or if they are painted, the detector notifies users and a security company. A tamper is immediately activated when the detector is dismounted from the bracket. The system needs less than a minute to identify communication loss with the detector.

Two way encrypted communication

Jeweller and Wings are two-way wireless data transfer protocols that provide fast and reliable communication between hubs and devices. Radio protocols work independently of each other and focus on their own function. The Jeweller protocol delivers instant data-rich alarms: security companies and users know which device was triggered, when and where it happened. The Wings protocol delivers photos taken by a detector built-in camera.

Both protocols feature encryption and authentication to prevent forgery, and polling to display devices status in real time. Supporting up to 1,700 m of wireless connectivity, Jeweller and Wings are ready to protect facilities and deliver the best user experience for both end users and installers.

Hassle-free installation

To add a detector to the system, the installer scans the QR code with the Ajax app and assigns a name and a room. Configuring is done in the app in real-time using detection zone and signal strength tests. The detector can be disabled or its system parameters can be reconfigured remotely.