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Wireless outdoor magnetic contact

  • External contact for protecting gates, garages, sheds, roller shutters and more
  • Robust housing
  • Tamperproof
  • No wires, no fuss
  • IP66 rating
  • Two-way Wireless Technology
  • Signal Strength Indicator (SSI)
  • Pyronix High Security Wireless Encryption Protocol
  • One-Push-To-Learn Button

Enhanced perimeter protection

Tough, tamperproof and weatherproof, the MCEXTERNAL-WE wireless magnetic contact delivers a whole new option to perimeter protection in residential and commercial settings.

Engineered for enhanced perimeter protection, the MCEXTERNAL-WE can be connected to cameras and automation devices for voice push notification, video verification and automation options.

A simple and quick upsell opportunity for your installations or maintenance visits.

Security that’s not to be tampered with

With two firm fixes and a rear tamper breakout, the MCEXTERNAL-WE means business; providing easy and firm installation. The CR123A battery also minimises maintenance, with a battery life up to 2 years.

Two-way Wireless Technology

Each wireless device on the Enforcer system, including movement detectors is a transmitter and a receiver. The wireless technology used on the Enforcer system holds a significant advantage over one way and some two way wireless products currently available on the market.

No wires, no fuss

Fully wireless means there is no need to run wiring; saving time and money. Optimising outdoor installation with a less-invasive fit.

Built for outdoors

Developed and manufactured to last, the MCEXTERNAL-WE is built with several layers of quality housing and a firm rubber gasket for satisfying installation and superior robustness. With an IP66 rating, be secure whatever the weather.

Extend your capabilities with video verification

By linking the MCEXTERNAL-WE with our range of security cameras, in the event of an activation, the user will receive a voice push notification alongside video verification. Alerted and shown exactly what’s happening, the user can evaluate the situation and take appropriate action.

Pyronix High Security Wireless Encryption Protocol

The two-way wireless protocol has been developed by Pyronix to ensure that the communication between all wireless system components is encrypted.

Signal Strength Indicator (SSI)

SSI in all Enforcer wireless devices allow them to be optimally positioned during installation, without the need to refer back to the panel.

Easy Calibration

When fitting the MCEXTERNAL-WE, its gap testing feature helps ensure accurate alignment on installation, alongside SSI to deliver the ideal position.

Mind the gap

The MCEXTERNAL-WE’s large magnet reduces the risk of false alarms to protect gaps up to 70mm between magnet and unit. This provides maximum flexibility on installation across a range of different applications. So, whether protecting garden gates, garage doors, shed doors or roller shutter doors, the MCEXTERNAL-WE has it covered.

Maximum outdoor security, with style

It may have been developed for harsh outdoor conditions, but the MCEXTERNAL-WE’s stylish grey housing still provides a discreet, uniform and premium finish.


A feature in all Enforcer two-way wireless technology devices that means learning onto the system can be done in seconds. A simple one-button learning feature for easy installation.

Instant Two-way Device Control (ITDC)

The ITDC technology enables instant wake up and instant sleep of each device on the system, allowing continuous communication between the control panel and wireless devices while preserving battery power. This technology not only provides installers with total control of each device, but also gives users peace of mind that they have a reliable and secure wireless system.
– Ensuring that all wireless detection devices know when the system is armed and disarmed.
– Ensuring that they are awake as soon as the system is armed.