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Two way wireless keyfob

  • 4 Buttons & 8 Functions
  • Simple and easy way to arm and disarm your system
  • Control wired automation outputs such as gates and garage doors
  • View system status
  • Rolling code high security encryption

Various functions & set up options

The four button, eight function keyfob can be configured for single button use or even combining two buttons for specific functions.

Arm & disarm, as well as a panic button

The Keyfob-WE not only allows the arming or disarming of the alarm, but can also be programmed as a panic button, so that in an emergency it can sound the alarm.

Control wired outputs

Program the Keyfob-WE to operate any wired automation outputs added to the system, such as blinds, lights or garage doors.

Add multiple with varying functions

Multiple keyfobs can be added to a system, each with different access functions so that the user does not have to give access to the whole property. This is ideal if they are wanting to give access to certain areas of the property while restricting others, such as to a family member, a trusted neighbour or a gardener.