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StreetSiren DoubleDeck is flexible when it comes to settings which makes it as relevant in a quiet gated community as in a loud industrial area. The buzzer can be set to generate sound from 85 to 113 dB for an adjustable period: from 3 seconds to 3 minutes. Or it can be completely silent when the device is set to respond to alarm triggerings only with LED indication.

The Ajax app allows engineers to choose detectors that activate the siren. It helps to prevent awkward situations when neighbors are notified every time that a washing machine leaks.

Available in BLACK or WHITE

  • Buzzer loudness level up to 113dB

  • Alarm duration length up to 3 minutes

  • Withstands heat up to +50°С

  • Two-way communication at a distance of up to 1,500m

  • Siren activation triggered by alarm in 0,3 second

  • Adjustable ping interval from 12 seconds

  • Withstands cold up to −25°С

  • Protected from dust and precipitation IP54