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EZVIZ 4-piece home sensor kit


- Home Gateway

- PIR Sensor

- Open/Close Sensor

- Smart Button

A well-thought-out solution for a safer homeHome GatewayOpen/Close Sensor You can know on the go all the activity happening at home. This kit offers a one-stop solution to free you from worrying about anything from homebreak-ins to family emergencies. The seniors and kids at home alone canalso send a request for help just by using the smart button.

  • Easy Set-Up & Control via EZVIZ App
  • Instant Mobile Alerts on Detections
  • Energy-Saving Design with Long Battery Life
  • Peel-and-Stick Installation
  • Easy Pairing
  • Compact and Cleverly Designed
  • Smart Integration With EZVIZ Cameras

Trusted security at your fingertips

Know and be notified by using the EZVIZ App.You can receive mobile alerts on all detected activities. Feel free to set your sensors on a time schedule, or manually arm or disarm the whole system whenever you stay out of sight.

A hub that connects and interacts

The A3 Gateway works as the central hub of connectivity. You can manage, arm, and receive alerts from all your connected sensors via the all-in-one EZVIZ App. You can also purchase add-on sensors to scale up the protection.

Get informed whenever someone steps foot in your room

Install the PIR motion sensor in your room, and fine-tune the detection coverage using the pet shield included in the kit to partially cover the sensor. This will ensure it only alerts you about human activities, rather than everytime your pet runs through the room.

Know if your doors are left open, or get opened

Doors, windows, closets – forget about havingto check and re-check to confirm they’re shut. If anyone forcibly breaks in, the home gatewaywill set off a loud alarm, and a mobile alertwill reach your phone immediately.

Control with a simple click

Use the smart button in two ways – switch on and off your entire sensor system, or press it to send an emergency alarm. Use the peel-and-stick method to place it anywhere within your reach – you can even carry it in your pocket.

Easy integration with your smart home

Link your sensor kit with your EZVIZ cameras for enhanced protection. If you use a local storage card or have subscribed to EZVIZ CloudPlay, the camera can begin auto-recording for 5 seconds whenever the sensor detects an activity. You can also voice-enable the sensor system with Google Assistant or Amazon Alex.

Beautifully designed to fit any home style

Each device in the kit combines user-friendly functionality with contemporary style.Small in size and minimal in design, each piece blends perfectly with any style.