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Photoelectric Optical Detector

Nittan’s EV-P Analogue Addressable Smoke Detectors are specially designed for use with Nittan FSK protocol control panels. Their special ASIC design increases the reliability and performance, as the chemically etched, stainless steel insect screen reduces the ingress of insects and airborne contaminants.
The Nittan EV-P Optical Smoke Detector is connected onto the two wire loop using two terminals. The remaining terminals provide an unlimited current (Terminal 2, Base Control) and a 3mA limited current (Terminal 3, RIL), when the detector goes into alarm condition. These currents can be used for the operation of an auxiliary function such as a remote indicator.


  • Photoelectric detector
  • Using Nittan Evolution FSK Protocol
  • EEPROM addressed
  • Low profile
  • Operational voltage range from 20V to 35V
  • Low monitoring current
  • Omniview 360° LED (fire alarm indicator)
  • Remote indicator output
  • Base Control auxiliary output
  • Non-polarised terminal
  • Standard EN54-7:2000 + A1:2002