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DIGI-GPRS IP communicator with sim

  • GPRS communication module for the Pyronix IP enabled control panels
  • Signalling formats: Fast Format IP, Contact ID IP, SIA3 IP
  • SMS messaging
  • Supports upload/downloading
  • HomeControl+ app compatible

A single path GPRS IP communicator that enables remote control of the system through the HomeControl+ App or InSite UDL software. It also enables SMS notifications of events to be sent.


  • Uses mobile phone networks, excluding the Three network. Requires no cable to the panel and does not need mounting near a phone line.
  • Can send backup text messages (network and SIM card dependent).
  • Can send push notifications directly to the user’s mobile phone.
  • Works on most major mobile phone networks excluding the Three network.
  • Battery backup in the panel will ensure communication is maintained, even if there is a power cut.
  • Fully secure IP connection.
  • Compatible with InSite programming software