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CDVI AMC25 – High security Mobile-PASS smartphone credentials

Flexible, convenient access control at your fingertips.

Mobile-PASS combines simplicity with robust security, allowing authorised users to unlock doors with their smartphone or other smart device. Offering five different methods for triggering the unlock, Mobile-PASS is a convenient Bluetooth-enabled access solution.

Mobile-PASS is compatible with the ATRIUM A22K high security controller and K Series of readers (including K2 and K3). Already equipped with end-to-end military grade encryption technology, the system now adds the flexibility of smartphone credentials to its many security benefits.

Key Features:

  • Use your smartphone as an access credential
  • Five different methods for validating entry - biometric, scan, touch, voice, and automatic
  • No annual subscription fees or cloud storage costs
  • Free app available on iOS and Android - search ATRIUM BT
  • Compatible with A22K controller and K Series readers only
  • End-to-end AES encryption as standard - eradicate the risk of card cloning