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12U 450mm Deep Black Wall Mount Data Cabinet

All-Rack wall mount data racks and network cabinets are designed to be your perfect solution for all your rack mountable equipment.

Available in the following depths: 300mm (only available in 4u & 6u), 450mm, 550mm & 600mm ideal for small network installations where floor space doesn’t allow for a floor standing server cabinet.

The product is perfect for single person installation with easy mounting brackets.

Width: 600mm
External Depth: 450mm
Usable Depth: 315mm
Height: 616mm
Weight: 19KG

Loading Capacity: 40KG

Doors: 180 degree opening angle and can be mounted on left & right hand side with simple spring latch

Security: Lockable doors and side panels

Ventilation: Optional fan can be fitted if required


1.2mm mild steel construction

Toughened glass panel in steel framework door

Racks: Supplied with depth adjustable heavy-duty steel mounting profiles to take industry standard 19’’ patch panels, switches and other equipment.

Doors: Lockable, removable glazed front door. Lockable and removable steel side panels

Ventilation: Side panels vented. The roof has a cutout for 2 fan units top be mounted directly

Cable Entry: Cable access points on the lid and base of cabinet.