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C4 EN54-5 A1R heat detector

C-TEC ActiV A1R Rate-Of-Rise Heat Detector

The ActiV Hi-Output range of conventional sounders and combined sounder visual alarm devices (VADs) are designed for use with C-TEC’s range of fire panels and other compatible third-party panels. However, compatibility testing with third-party panels is recommended to ensure correct operation. With a 100 dB(A) peak sound output @ 1 m, their purpose is to visually and audibly alert building occupants of a fire alarm. Units are supplied with either a shallow or deep base, in a red plastic enclosure.

The devices offer low current consumption, high sound output, high efficiency VADs, 31 selectable primary tones with selectable secondary tone set, two selectable volume levels and three selectable VAD flash rates. Tones, volume levels and VAD flash rates are changed using the device’s 8-way DIP switch.

Key Features

  • LPCB certified to EN54-3 (Sounders) and EN54-23 (VADs)
  • Provides 'W-2.75-9' rated light distribution when wall mounted (min. 0.4 lux over a 2.75 x 9m cuboid area). Also rated as a W-4-4 VAD
  • Impressive 100dB(A) sound output @ 1m
  • 31 selectable primary and secondary tone pairs and two volume levels (high and low)
  • Three selectable VAD flash rates (0.5Hz, 1Hz, OFF)
  • Alarm Current at 30Vdc = 12.2mA (0.5Hz) or 19.5mA (1Hz)
  • Alarm Current at 18Vdc = 14.5mA (0.5Hz) or 25mA (1Hz)
  • IP33C rated
  • Manufactured in the UK by C-TEC