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3M Pole

Please note that the mount doesn’t come with the pole, it is sold separately.

The BT5935 are Ø38mm steel poles, capable of supporting substantial loads from B-Tech’s System V Range; a collection of components designed for the installation of CCTV and other ceiling-mounted equipment. Available in 1, 2 and 3 metre lengths and compatible with B-Tech components, allowing professionals to customise their security mounting solutions to their specific requirement, such as pole mounting CCTV cameras and screens from the ceiling with extended drops.

  • Ø38mm pole designed to be used to create ceiling mounted AV solutions such as CCTV installs when used in conjunction with other System V components
  • Poles can be joined together using BT5924 Pole Joiner for extended drops
  • Cables can be fed through the centre of the pole
  • Heavy duty steel capable of supporting substantial loads
  • Safety bolt hole ensures a secure installation to System V components