BATTERY 110 - 240 AC (HUB, HUB+, HUB2, REX, REX2)

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BATTERY 110 - 240 AC (HUB, HUB+, HUB2, REX, REX2) - 22259.87.NC

The Ajax Lithium Battery is an extremely energy dense battery that comes in a single pack. It is fully rechargeable and offers long lasting operation, making it particularly suitable for use in intruder alarm control panels.

This rechargeable 3.7 volt battery has a capacity of 2000mAh and is leak resistant. Lithium has a longer discharge curve than most alkaline batteries, meaning that the 22259 can retain its charge for up to ten years for longer shelf life and home storage.


  • Compatible with: Hub, Hub 2, Hub Plus, Rex, Rex 2