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XFP Network card for 32 zone panels

C-Tec AFP711 CFP / XFP Network Communications Card

An optional system expansion device for use with XFP 1/2 Loop 32 Zone fire panels. Allows the connection of up to eight XFP Repeaters or eight XFP Main panels (any mix) on an RS485 network. One AFP711 card required per networked Main XFP 1/2 Loop 32 Zone panel (note that XFP510-16 and XFP510-32 repeaters include a network driver card as standard).

The AFP711 is NOT compatible with XFP Single Loop 16 Zone panels which require a CFP761 card for networking.

Key network protocol features when used for interconnecting XFP main panels:

  • Can be used to connect up to 8 XFP main panels (any mix) over a two-wire RS485 network of up to 1KM in length.
  • Each networked XFP can be programmed to accept Fires, Faults and Control actions such as Silence Alarm Sounders and Control Panel Resets from other panels.
  • Each XFP will accept Disablement commands for zones, sounders and output sets from other panels.
  • All panels monitored for network wiring faults.
  • Fires and faults on remote panels are displayed on local panels including the point description.
  • C&Es can be programmed into local panels dependent on which remote panel is in alarm.
  • The network supports the programming of site data into remote panels from a PC at a local panel.
  • Time and date is common to all panels.
  • All networked main panels require a network communication card.
  • It is not possible to mix XFP main panels and XFP repeaters on the same network.