Business Finance Leasing

Unlimited CCTV and Security can now offer Business leasing options via Moore Finance Limited 
Working in partnership with Moore Finance, we are able to offer lease facilities
to our customers, giving you purchasing options.
So why lease?
  • All lease payments made under lease agreements
    are 100% tax deductible
  • Leasing allows businesses to upgrade more
    frequently ensuring they have the latest
    equipment, without having to make further capital
  • A flexible repayment period is offered, allowing
    businesses to spread! the cost of the equipment
    over it’s working life
  • Lease agreements require small and regular
    payments, which eases the management of cash
    flow and allows customers to adapt quickly to
    economic conditions
  • The certainty of payments is ensured with a lease,
    as asset finance agreements cannot be cancelled
    by the lenders and repayments are generally fixed
  • Lease agreements can be structured to include
    additional benefits such as the servicing of
    equipment or variable monthly payments,
    depending on the business’ needs